Sunday, April 6, 2014

New Opportunities

It might be a while before I have another blog post.  Two days ago was my last day working for Harmons Grocery.  It has been an awesome 20 months for me.  I feel proud of the work I accomplished here, and feel that I have made a difference.  What more can you want from a job?

The vast majority of my time here was spent on two large projects that improved the way that Harmons runs their business.  I really appreciated the opportunities to develop in XPages; while here, I feel like I have gone from an XPages newbie to a seasoned Xpages developer.  Of course, there is much more that I want to learn going forward.  I have a long list in my Connect 2014 notebook of topics to learn this year.

In the next few days I have lots of work to do getting prepared for a cross country move.  It will probably be a month or more until I check in again.  I am looking forward to blogging about XPages from a different angle that will come from a change in surroundings.  It is very encouraging to me when people tell me that they enjoy my blog and to keep it up.