Sunday, August 23, 2015

Using DB2 in XPages Part 10: The MWLUG 2015 Presentation Slides, and Thoughts

MWLUG is now a wrap. I was honored to be chosen to speak along with Dwain Wuerfel on Integrating DB2 and XPages. I am a somewhat bummed that technical troubles limited the demo I wanted to show. Thankfully as I have been told, my backup plan did get my point across. To that end, I have created additional slides to incorporate what I showed in the demo.

I have embedded the demo below, but it might be hard to read, so click here to view directly on slideshare.

The Slides

Real World Experience: Integrating DB2 with XPages from Steve_Zavocki

Youtube Video Link

You can watch the session on youtube here:

A big thanks to David Navarre for recording the session!

Conference Review

The conference this year was as great for content and making and renewing friendships. If you have never attended an MWLUG conference I can't recommend it enough. Both times I have attended I have paid my own way, and it was money well spent. Next year the conference is going to be in Austin, Texas and they are hoping for 250 attendees. Kudos to Richard Moy and team who are wonderful organizers!

Final Thoughts

Writing this post, it occurred to me that August 23 is exactly three years since I received my first *real world* (ie: paid) XPages experience. On this day in 2012 was when I started working at Harmons Grocery in Salt Lake City, Utah. Harmons was a great experience, and since then I have been further challenged working at Navy Federal Credit Union in Florida. I have very much enjoyed the transition from Notes Developer to a Web Application Developer. I am excited to see what the next three years brings, whether that is XPages, Java, or the latest Javascript frameworks; ideally all of the above and more.