Monday, February 11, 2013

Hello World

Welcome to my new blog where I will post about what I am working on in IBM Notes.   Notice that I didn't say Lotus Notes.  It is now known as IBM Notes.   The name change was long overdue in my opinion.

I never really considered having a blog before but I was inspired by David Leedy who outlined several reasons why I should have one in episode 100 of NotesIn9.  He wasn't talking specifically to me, but I took it that way.   I recently just figured out something at work, that took me a while to do, and it crossed my mind that it would be good for me to share what I have done.

I am not new to blogging in that my family has/had a blog for a few years.   In a nutshell, my family spent 14 months travelling the USA in an RV and during that time we maintained a blog to keep friends, family, and often total strangers up to date on our adventures.   My wife did 99% of the writing, and I did all of the layout.   We gained much knowledge from reading blogs of previous fulltiming RV families, that one of our goals with the family blog was to write in a way that would help others who came after us.   It is that same spirit that inspires me to make this blog.

Steve Zavocki

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