Thursday, May 9, 2013

Compare with Local History in Eclipse

This post is dedicated to something I wished I learn a bit earlier in my xpages development.   There is a built-in feature of Eclipse called Compare With > Local History.   I have never even knew about this feature until I was researching the issue in the last post where I couldn't open any xpages.  Someone suggested that you use this feature to fix that problem.  While it didn't help me with that issue, I was glad that it was now on my radar.  Today, I need it since I messed up the control I was working on.

To use this, simply right click and choose Compare With, then choose Local History.  Eclipse will open the Local History window, and you can choose the version to compare by revision time.   There is also an option to Replace With > Local History.

The Text Compare window shows the two versions side by side and points out the differences.   It is really cool how Eclipse visually compares them for you.  Also notice, on the right, you can see the Local History window.  If the history I picked doesn't help I can choose another time until I find the right one.

BTW:  I am going on vacation tomorrow, so I won't be posting again for a while!

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