Friday, June 21, 2013

Simple Fix in Eclipse for when your Managed Bean Cannot Be Instantiated

Today, I added a second managed bean to my application.   I wrote the Java code and added the bean name, class, and persistence to my faces-config.xml file.

No matter what I did, as soon as tried to reference the bean, I would get an ClassNotFoundException.   Basically the application was not seeing the reference in the faces-config file.   I spent most of my energy thinking I somehow had improper syntax in the file.

A quick search found this Stack Overflow, and the comment by Mark Leusink did the trick.   I did a Project  | Clean in Eclipse, and the managed bean worked as expected.   The Project | Clean will launch a window where you can choose any or all of the projects in your 'Application' window.

Hopefully this will be helpful to someone.  I know I am going to try it whenever strange things are happening in my xpages projects.  BTW:  I am using Notes 9.

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