Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Command Not Handled Exception

I discovered today that it is real easy to have something minor wrong in XML, and got a Command Not Handled Exception.

I was going through the exercise of creating a new managed bean for an upcoming project.  I was working through Russ Maher's master class from IBM Connect 2013.  The links to all the xpages presentations have recently been posted here.   I had previously reviewed the slides, but now the video is available!  What is cool, is that as I work through the presentation, I am actually coding for my new project.  You can't pause a live presentation, like you can the video.

When I copied existing XML from another faces-config, I somehow made a syntax mistake, and got the "Command Not Handled Exception" as a result.    To figure out what is wrong, you need to look on the server in the "data/IBM_TECHNICAL_SUPPORT" folder and see the stack trace for the unhandled exception.   

I had thought the issue was that I was using 9.0 and the development server was 8.5.3, but it had nothing to do with that.   I guess another reason to hate XML.  I am glad that JSON is eclipsing the use of XML these days.  Of course, XML will likely be around in some form forever.  

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