Thursday, April 11, 2013

Wow, my first Notes In 9 Episode

It was quite the honor to have the opportunity to present in Episode 107 of Notes In 9.   A year ago, I was trying to learn Xpages solely from the Mastering Xpages book and had yet to discover the wealth of knowledge out there.   

Last June, I started looking for work again, and had an interview cancelled after I told them that I hadn't yet worked with Xpages.  I was really disappointed since it seemed like a great job in a desirable location near where I grew up in Pennsylvania.   In hindsight, I can clearly see why it mattered so much to have someone who knew Xpages, and that all that traditional Notes experience wouldn't cut it.     After this happened, we visited my parents and parked there for three weeks (we were living in an RV at that time).   I studied for 10-12 hours each day and started to get some knowledge under my belt. 

During this time, I discovered Notes in 9 on YouTube.  It explained Xpages in a way that made the sense to me, something that honestly the Mastering Xpages book failed to do.   Nothing against the book, but I am a visual person.  The book also tends to exclude the Xpages Design view, and focus solely on the Source view. 

I have heard it said, that you might be surprised how little you can accomplish in a day, but how much you can in a year.   After making this blog, I sent Dave a quick note, thanking him for the push to create it.   He wrote back and thought the Feb 27 post on launching attachments from a view control was worthy of a show.   I initially balked, but then agreed to do it, and am really glad how it came out.   I would never have guessed that 10 months ago that I would ever actually be a guest contributor.  

Here is the link to the show.  A big thanks to Dave Leedy for the chance to share something back with the Notes community!

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